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wheel and tire buying basics

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When To Consider Installing Race Tires On Your Car Or Truck

Performace cars or trucks with high-performance engines that make more horsepower than stock often require performance tires to ensure the traction on the ground is enough for the engine output. If the car is also spending time at the race track, adding a set of race tires for track use can further enhance the grip and ensure the vehicle sticks to the surface and handles properly. 

Racing Tires

There are some things you need to understand about race tires before you put them on your vehicle. The rubber compounds race tires are made from are much softer than even your super sticky performance tires that you use on the street. 

The tire wear on race tires is extreme, and the cost is often much higher than street tires, so using them at the track and then putting your street tires back on the car work road driving is essential. Race tires get more traction as they warm up because they get softer, but they also wear faster, so if you use them on the rough pavement like a city street, it will take no time to wear them down and ruin the tire. 

Most race tires look cool and work well on the track, but are not USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) approved for the street. Using them daily could potentially get you a ticket or your car impounded.

Track Day Racing

For track day events and hobby racing, you can use race tires in most classes. On the track is where your race tires, will shine. The track surface is clean and smooth, and once the tires warm up, they will add much more traction so you can push your performance car to the limits and see what it can do. 

Many car owners show up at the track with race tires mounted on a second set of wheels allowing them to take the road tires off, and install the race tires before the event. If you rent a space at the local track, you can keep your race tires in the garage during the week and then put them on when you go to the track. 

It is also critical to check with the track regarding limitations on race tires or other add-ons before you run your car there. If you show up for a weekend of racing and your car is missing some equipment or you have race tires on the car but the event is restricted to street tires, you could be excluded, so bringing the tires and installing them at the track will allow you to avoid that situation by leaving the street rubber on the vehicle for the event.

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