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wheel and tire buying basics

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Four Accessories For Your New Pick-Up Truck

Getting the pick-up truck you've wanted for some time is a good feeling. To keep that good feeling going, you can purchase accessories that help you transport things, customize the truck for your own preferences or work to protect your new investment. The accessories here can soup up your truck no matter where you use it:

Off-Road Rims

Standard manufacturer-made rims may work well enough on paved roads and streets, but if you plan to be off roads more often than on them, you may need to upgrade your rims, especially if you're already considering new wheels. New rims should be durable and lightweight in order to deal well with the kinds of conditions you'll encounter. You shouldn't have to sacrifice good looks; XF off-road rims and similar models are made of dark aluminum and look stylish and bold whether they're stuck in mud or sitting in your driveway. Rims can be purchased with milled accents for even more sophistication.

Bed Liner

The bed lining of your pick-up will be exposed to lumber, metal, and anything else you put in there. Also, it will face the rain and sun every day. To avoid rust, dings, fading and other issues, you might get a bed liner. Whether it's plastic or vinyl, having a liner protects the bed interior from any serious or cosmetic damage. Depending on the type, you might be able to change out the liner when you see it's becoming torn or worn.

Window Deflectors

Driving in the rain can often mean that the windows of your pick-up must stay raised. On hot days, even with the air conditioner cranked up, that can be a drag. Window deflectors solve this problem. Installed right above the side windows, these narrow strips will prevent precipitation from getting into the window and seat of your pick-up.

Ladder Rack

Construction items like ladders and pipes can be awkward to place in the bed of your pick-up. You also need to consider how you'll secure them once you start driving around. A ladder rack can be one way to fit objects into the bed and keep them from jostling about in the back. The ladder capability will also allow for some stacking of items too.

There are even more pick-up accessories to consider; as you drive around you'll get a feel for what more you'll need. Speak regularly to retailers for updates on new arrivals and models that you might want to try. Contact a company like Tire & Wheel Source Inc. for more information and assistance.