wheel and tire buying basicswheel and tire buying basics

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wheel and tire buying basics

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How Certain Material Handling Products Can Work For Your Tire Shop

Material handling products are generally used for warehouse purposes. However, under certain circumstances, some of these materials may have other uses. The following items, for example, would work exceptionally well in a tire shop, specifically, your tire shop.

Drum Barrel Racks

No, it is true, you do not deal in drum barrels. Yet, drum barrels are round like tires and wheels, and both need to be stored in a way that they do not roll off and away. Drum barrel racks can double as tire and wheel racks because they are built to hold round objects and keep them in place. Better still, you can hold complete sets of the same size tire on each spot on the drum barrel rack, allowing your shop crew to grab two to four tires of the same size at any one time and at a single glance. These racks also lend themselves well to locking down inventory outside so that you can store tires outside the shop and not worry about them being stolen.

Bulk Carts

Bulk handling carts on wheels are the ideal back-savers. Tires and wheels are heavy, and having to pick them up and tote them to and fro can eventually cause your back some serious hurt. Throwing used tires and damaged tires into a wheeled bulk cart helps, and another bulk cart for loading and unloading new sets of tires around the shop also saves time and wear and tear on the body. Consider buying at least two to start, although three would be a better option.

Retractable Hose and Cord Reels

If you do not already have retractable hose and cord reels in your shop, you should. These retractable hoses are perfect for pressurized air and for inflating tires after they have been installed on vehicles. You can mount them to the ceiling overhead and just pull down  the hose as needed, or mount them to the wall or a side post close to the work spaces/pits.

Work Platforms

With a work platform and a forklift, your crew can now install tires at a comfortable level off the floor. There is no more bending over or crouching and no reaching up all day to get to the tires. The forklift inserts in the open ends of the work platform's tines and lifts a crew member up to the same level as the car on the hydraulic lift. After that tire is changed, the driver of the forklift simply drives around to the next tire that needs to be changed, and so on.

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